Why Moringa Brews are way healthier than Green Tea ?

100% Caffeine FreeHas Caffeine
ORAC Score is 1,57,000 uMolORAC Score is 1250 uMol
Has Omega Acids 3-6Has No Omega Acids
Has all 18 Amino Acids presentHas Just 1 Amino Acid (Theanine)
Has anti amnesiac propertiesHas no anti amnesiac properties
Has proven relief in oedemaHas no relief in oedema
Has proven relief in arthritisHas no relief in arthritis

Discover the Amazing After Taste with our  Moringa Herbal Brews

Moringa is a Miracle Tree that has recently gained popularity both as a superfood and as healthy herb. We invite you to experience the renowned wellness benefits of the “miracle tree” with our Moringa Brew.

36 Anti-Inflamatories
96 Nutrients
46 Antioxidants
18 All 9 Essential Amino Acids
3 & 6 Omega Fatty Acids

What people say about our brews

Collection of Gourmet Brews by Unica Agro

A Super Rich Nutritious Moringa Brew

At Unica Agro, we brew exquisite Moringa-based Herbal Brews with an aim to epitomize the art of brewing exotic herbal infusions. Connoisseurs and herbal brew experts have appreciated the taste of our premium gourmet brews, attested our finest quality and its health benefits.